[published]: 2023, August 26
[in]: Bravewords
[article]: Kick Axe's Larry Gillstrom Says They Were Asked To Help Write Black Sabbath's Born Again Album

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Kick Axe co-founder and guitarist Larry Gillstrom about the band's new album, upcoming tour, the band's legacy and how the band was asked to write for other metal bands in the '80's such as Black Sabbath.

Larry Gillstrom explained to The Metal Voice how the band was asked to write for Black Sabbath during the Gillan era he said, "While we were doing Vices album we got the keys to the studio to go in and record some songs that were supposed to go to Black Sabbath with Ian Gillan singing.

That was kind of what was going on at the time. (Producer) Spencer (Proffer) was going to be involved with that and he needed some songs and he asked us to try to write some. So we went into the studio with Hans who was the the second engineer on our Vices album.

We were just on our own and we we put together four songs and two of them were songs we wanted to actually do on our second album if they didn't get picked up by Black Sabbath.

And they didn't get picked up because the whole Ian Gillan, Black Sabbath kind of didn't work the way Spencer wanted it to work.

So we wrote the song 'Hunger', 'Piece of the Rock' and two other songs 'Running Wild In The Streets' and another song that really wasn't worth mentioning.

But those three songs are all recorded. We did eventually release 'Hunger' and 'Nothing's Gonna Stand in Our Way' which is a song we recorded with Randy Bishop.

But 'Hunger' and 'Piece of the Rock' we thought they'd be on our second album but when I went to LA and talked to Spencer he said no they're already on King Kobra's album so...."

Kick Axe recently released a new single/video, 'Blackout Crazy'. According to the band, "It is dedicated to all the people who partied hard with us in the early '80's. The song was recorded live off the floor in 2022 and the video is a compilation of recent live footage."

Catch Kick Axe live at Rockin' The Fields Of Minnedosa in Manitoba, Canada on August 4th alongside Sebastian Bach, L.A. Guns, and Killer Dwarfs.

Check out the chat below: