[published]: 2018, June 21
[in]: WTMusic
[article]: We Talk Music Presents: A Killer Interview With Russ Dwarf
[by]: Mo

Mo on the left, Brett on the right, and the excellent Russ Dwarf in the middle.

Brett and Mo had a great experience this last Friday night as they headed down to the Grey Eagle Casino to see 3 iconic Canadian hard rock bands.

The Killer Dwarfs are just about to take the stage.

The show opened with the Killer Dwarfs hitting the stage with their tongues planted firmly in cheek and their typically ironic twist on the world evident from the beginning. They rocked out for nearly 40 minutes and got the crowd extra hyped for the rest of the night. The Killer Dwarfs have been playing for nearly 4 decades and are an incredibly charismatic band, and lead singer Russ Dwarf still has a set of golden pipes on him.

Kick Axe kicking ass... See what we did there?

Kick Axe was next on stage, and they're as tight a band as you'll see anywhere. Every single member of this 5 man piece has serious musical chops and the skill was evident while they belted out a string of excellent hard rocking tunes from their catalogue. There's no doubt with the intensity and passion they brought to the stage that they had as much fun as the sizeable crowd watching them.

Helix continues to be among the best.

The show closed with the legendary Helix taking the stage, and they proved to be the whole package as expected. Lead singer and songwriter Brian Vollmer works as a vocal coach as well and has developed techniques over the years to keep his voice in tip-top shape (you can hear him tell us all bout his WTM podcast interview from a few years ago), and we can tell you it's clearly working. He sounds amazing, and is all around an even better performer than when we last saw him live. For presence, skill, and songs few live bands give a better experience than Helix.

Catching a photo with Helix front man Brian Vollmer.

If any of these bands come to your town make sure and get out to see them. They put on a terrific show.

After the Killer Dwarfs rocked the stage we spoke to lead singer Russ Dwarf, and Johnny Dwarf to. Give it a listen!

And as an added bonus we got to spend a few minutes talking with Russ Dwarf, joined part way through by bassist Johnny Dwarf. It was a lot of fun, and the audio is available below.