[published]: 2005, September
[in]: Heavy Metal Resource
[article]: 'Rock the World' 2005 Amber Interactive album review
[by]: Dave Palmer

Finally. The Kick Axe collection is complete. I would say that this was definitely a hard one to find until reissue. I had it on the dreaded cassette and it actually was released on disc in some markets, but in very limited quantities. I knew this release was inevitable eventually. I had talked to Larry Gillstrom in interview about it last year and knew it was just on the horizon. A couple of things are different about this version though. Expect a little better sound due to a remaster by Raymond Harvey, who ironically was missing on this particular album, but still lends a great ear to the sound. The artwork is also different. Apparently the band didn't choose the previous cover and were never happy with the way it turned out. I like the way this artwork looks quite a bit better. As far as the music is concerned, I always liked this album. What I find quite interesting is that if you listen to each album in succession, you will hear the band grow. You will also see the band's sound evolve as well. I found that interesting with 'IV' as well.

Even though it was separated by quite a number of years, it still sounded like it picked up where this album left off with a bit of a sound change. This album really rocks well with some very cool moments such as 'The Chain' originally penned by Fleetwood Mac. Overall, this album is a rocker. It's all about rock and roll although the band has their usual disciplined approach. The other thing that the band always embraces is a whole lot of melody. There is always a good balance of crunch and melody on their albums, and this one is no different. I have really grown to appreciate this album so much more this go around. It seems like you don't really miss something until it isn't there, and this one kept us waiting for a while. Maybe it was that it didn't get much play time due to the cassette. Who knows. Anyway, most of the fans are aware of the this album and the music on it. If I was to pick my own personal favorites, I would include 'Rock the World', 'The Chain', 'Devachan', 'Warrior', 'Great Escape', 'We Still Remember', 'Magic Man' and 'Piece of the Rock'.

I really like this album, maybe more now then back in it's day. The album gets a sound revamp as well as a new cover. You could consider it the missing link in the bands catalog. You get the bands edge with this album, but also their melodic nature added in with great results. The album at this point should be more accessible on the shiny disc than at any other point in it's release. Now with the catalog complete, we look forward to some new music from the band. For now, go grab this and make it complete!