[published]: 2004, October
[in]: The Nerve, Vol. 5, No. 10, Issue 43, p. 26
[article]: 'Kick Axe IV' album review

The ambiguous direction of this album leads one to assume that the boys who had us doing the "Heavy Metal Shuffle" back in the 80's have forgotten that, although some retro-metal acts seem to do OK on the touring frontlines, the bands of yester-year have lost that lovin' feeling when it comes to putting out new material.

Vocalist George Criston is missing from this opus, though the Brothers Gillstrom are still talented songwriters/arrangers. Time has taken its toll, however. I think they're out to enjoy themselves, make a couple of bucks and get their kids through college, so I won't shit on this album (which is missing that energy from Vices days).

Mind you, if the tracks don't really strike a chord, the signature KA thump is defiantly present. Think Blind Melon doing a tribute to Great White. That doesn't mean overdosing on heroin while setting a club full of people on fire either. I mean musically.