[published]: 2004, January 30
[in]: Langley Advance, p. 20
[article]: Escape to the '80's
[by]: Erin McKay

Musicians are trading in their cowboy hats for head bands during '80's nights at Gabby's. Get out the hair spray and put on that spandex.

The '80's are alive and kicking at Gabby's Country Cabaret, which is hosting retro Sunday nights, featuring the band Escape.

The group was big in Vancouver back in the day, when it formed in 1988 and rocked the local club scene. Managed by Larry Gillstrom of Kick Axe fame, the band toured across Canada as a cover band in the early 1990's, while writing and recording for Johnny Jett Records.

The album was never released, and as the musical climate was changing, the members of Escape started going their separate ways. Some took day jobs, some got married, and some moved on to different genres of music, but they all kept in touch.

Now it's 2004, and Escape is ready to do it again.

The band will be taking the stage at Gabby's, 20297 Fraser Hwy., every Sunday night at 9:30 to perform larger-then-life tributes to a bygone era.

Hair farm bands such as Poison and Bon Jovi, power balladeers Journey, and new wave faves like Frankie Goes To Hollywood are on the play list.

Returning Escape members include singer Mark Patrick, bass player Michael Kaye, drummer Scott Aquino, and guitarist Steve Danielson.

Keyboardist Todd Ostrowercha is replacing former Escape member Dale Wallace, who is now with the band Emerson Drive, which is on tour with Shania Twain.