[published]: 2001, December
[in]: Heavy Metal Resource
[article]: 'Welcome to the Club' 2001 Rewind Records album review
[by]: Dave Palmer

'Welcome to the Club' is another of those highly anticipated reissues on my list. I remember discussing this with somebody a few years ago and we both felt that this would probably never happen. Well, thanks to Dane Spencer and Rewind Records, the Kick Axe releases are seeing reissue. Not just reissued though, but reissued very well. The first 2 are digitally remastered and have great liner notes from Jamie Vernon. These notes also were featured in Martin Popoff's book.

With 'Vices' being a rock and roll masterpiece, how is the sophmore effort one might ask?? This album is a slight turn in style and sound, but still has that winning chemistry the band was always known for by a great cult group of fans. The title track 'Welcome to the Club' is a bit groove oriented with great memorable choruses. 'Feels good, don't stop' is another groove rocker and a favorte of mine. 'Comin' after you is a bit more straight ahead and consistent in quality with the rest of the disc. Other favorites include 'Hellraisers', 'Make your move', the heavy rocker 'Too loud, too old' and the brilliantly sung 'Never Let go'. Covered here as well is the Beatles classic 'With a little help from my friends'. Their rendition is done very well.

The sound quality is very clear and dynamic. With this being another great album from a great band, this album is worth every penny spent. This album is a must have recommendation from the Heavy Metal Resource!