[published]: 2001, June 16
[in]: Red Deer Advocate, p. C6
[article]: Rock Files
[by]: John Kereiff

Welcome To The Club Kick Axe (Sony / Rewind) ****

This mid-'80s Canuck metal classic is finally on CD. I had to special order this but it is well worth the 24 big ones.

Wrongly condemned as 'just another hair band', Kick Axe had heavy chops as each of these 10 cuts amply demonstrates. "Club" is the second of their three albums, a follow up to the somewhat less polished Vices, and a disc that stands head and shoulders above what was called metal back in a day.

Their twin guitar attack and aggressive beats were (and are) jet fuel for head banging and driving at dangerous speeds. Most '80s metal did suck but Kick Axe was an exception. Key cuts: title track, Hellraisers, Too Loud ... Too Old, and an all star rendition of With A Little Help From My Friends.