[published]: 1988, June 9
[in]: Winnipeg Free Press, p. 43
[article]: Well Rehearsed

Some bands make things look so easy.

Then there are others who take what's easy and make it look hard. Take Giant, for instance, the five-piece heavy rockers playing at the Ozzie's in the Osborne Village Motor Inn all week.

Together just two and a half months, this west-coast based band apparently boasts the bass player from Kick Axe and two others from recording act White Wolf.

Certainly well rehearsed, they had just the right touch of arrogance to pull off convincing the crowd they were something special.

But they weren't, although selling their own merchandise - everything from bikini briefs to baseball caps - is a gutsy move. And not many bar bands would bother having wireless guitars.

But the band's covers, by the likes of Leppard and Whitesnake, were simply well-played copies. Giant has a run-of-the-mill guitarist, a terrific solid drummer, and an incredible light man but one wonders whether dishing out above-par bar fare will get them anywhere.