[published]: 1987, November/December
[in]: Powerline, Vol. 2, No. 3, p. 36
[article]: 'Rock the World' album review
[by]: Pat Prince

KICK AXE "Rock the World" (Mercenary)
Description: Hard Rock-Metal
Best Cuts: "Great Escape", "Devachan"
Rating: Mediocre

This sure wins my vote for the cheesiest album cover ever! A guitar going through the world - OH BOY! Who drew this?

A kindergarten kid during lunch break?! PLEASE, next time use a fingerprinting instead! And the title - "Rock the World" - no, this title's not too cliche! As far as the music's concerned though, the album's not that bad at all, just nothing spectacular. Standouts are the Sammy Hagarish "Red Line", "Devachan" and "Great Escape". With the latter being of another caliber of excellence.

But the cover version of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" really bites the big one. Like Fleetwood really needs the royalties too. A cover version of Menudo would've been more refreshing. And wasn't this band on a major label? Oh, I get it - shame too, they really are a pretty good band. This album lacks though. Oh well!