[published]: 1987, April
[in]: Rock Express, Vol. 11, Issue 112, p. 59
[article]: Kick Axe out to Rock the World
[by]: Drew Masters

"We've always had a real strong internal morale," says Larry Gillstrom, guitarist and producer of Kick Axe's newest LP Rock the World, "we got strained through the system but we've come out with more determination than ever!"

This aggressive determination is evident all over their new LP, an album that was "done more for our integrity and self satisfaction than for our wallets! We realized that we alienated our fans with our AM success and it was now time to join them back. We wrote this album with no intention of radio play - instead we concentrated on each member's individual talent alone."

"The second LP was kind of a misrepresentation of us. It was Spencer Proffer's interpretation. He wasn't with us at the recording and he wasn't in our headspace when he mixed it. He said that we shouldn't be so heavy and we went along with him. We would have liked it heavier."

"We wanted to play and tour heavier songs and the only way we could do this was to do everything ourselves, even if it meant a drastic cut in our budget. On this LP we were out to make a statement - that we were heavy and committed to our music as true artists and musicians, regardless of how people think of it."

Kick Axe only have one true goal with this new LP - "If it sells, great! But more importantly, we did the kind of album that gives us back our self-respect and integrity!" And hopefully, a new beginning with metal fans!