[published]: 1987, January 24
[in]: Victoria Times-Colonist, p. C7
[article]: 'Rock the World' album review
[by]: Jeff Rud

Oh boy! An album dedicated to the preservation of heavy metal and all that it stands for. Now there's an original concept.

If that theme hasn't been overworked by now, then the power chords and metal guitar licks lacing this Regina band's latest effort have.

Regardless, Rock the World is not so much bad as it is bland. Metal lovers will probably endure it, some may enjoy it. Mainstream listeners, however, will likely grow quickly tired of this tried and true, commercially-succesful combination of raunch and medieval cynicism.

The best cut on the group's third album, the first without guitarist Raymond Arthur Harvey, is a powerful cover of Fleetwoodc Mac's The Chain. But the saving grace on Rock the World is George Criston's strong, versatile voice, which could be put to much better use with more imaginative melodies - melodies you sense this band is capable of creating. Kick Axe can do better.

Rating: **