[published]: 1987, January 3
[in]: Calgary Herald, p. A11
[article]: 'Rock the World' album review
[by]: James Muretich

Kick Axe not only plays music for headbangers, they deserve that term themselves as they keep banging their heavy-metal head against a brick wall with their third release. The Canadian group covers all the heavy-rock bases.

There's a song title with the word 'rock' in it, various murky mythical musings (Warrior, Devachan, Medusa, etc.) and a track that celebrates such icons as Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix. No stereotypical stone is left unturned.

But you have to wonder about a band whose best material is always a cover song. Last time out it was a Beatles' tune and now it's Fleetwood Mac's The Chain - all of which makes Kick Axe a great bar band.