[published]: 1986, December 24
[in]: Nanaimo Daily Free Press, p. 14
[article]: Music Update
[by]: Ivan Brunet

Kick Axe, Rock the World, CBS PEC-80118. Beginning its career a few years ago by playing gigs at street-gang parties in Regina, Sask., Kick Axe has gone on to develop a hard-driving sound that draws on the influence of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, etc.

This third vinylized offering continues the band's tradition of melodic hard rock. Thematically, Rock the World, produced by Larry Gillstrom (Kick Axe's guitarist, lyricist and manager) fulfills two purposes.

First, it acts as a manifesto of the band's self-expressive contribution to heavy metal, and more generally, of the idea that heavy metal is here to stay.