[published]: 1986, December 20
[in]: RPM, Vol. 45, No. 13, p. 18
[article]: 'Rock the World' review

The problem in the past with this band, has been their inability to 'hit the nail on the head', even with Spencer (Quiet Riot) Proffer producing their last release, Welcome to the Club, which couldn't match the sales of their debut.

However, on this, their 3rd LP, Kick Axe seem to have found the elusive nail - by using a bigger hammer. Included is a bone-crunching version of Fleetwood Mac's The Chain, and excellent tuneage in Devachan, Great Escape and Magic Man.

Therefore, despite the jacket and the tribute (We Still Remember), this package offers up a good blend of rock, touching on metal, that should do respectable numbers with that particular demograph. Produced by Larry Gillstrom (guitars) at Emil's Studio in B.C. Cancon.