[published]: 1986, June 6
[in]: Georgia Straight
[article]: Album review: Various Artists, Metal For Lunch (1986)
[by]: Steve Newton

Metal For Lunch is the follow-up to last year's Metal For Breakfast album, a collection of previously released tracks from som great (and not so great) hard rock bands.

On this one, the top tunes come via Aerosmith ("Back in the Saddle"), Judas Priest ("Love Bites"), Kim Mitchell ("Go For Soda"), Rush ("2112 Overture"), Kick Axe ("Hell Raisers"), and Y&T ("All American Boy").

Not quite as nifty are tunes by Quiet Riot ("Bang Your Head"), Krokus ("American Woman"), Ted Nugent ("Free For All"), and Dio ("The Last in Line").

The only really awful songs on Metal For Lunch are by Lee Aaron ("Barely Holdin' On") and Razor ("Evil Invaders"). The latter tune is a particularly nauseating "thrash metal" tune that is totally out of place on a collection of mainstream metal songs. (I'm not so sure what the non-metal "Go For Soda" is doing here, either. Selling records, probably.)