[published]: 1986, April 18
[in]: Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, p. E8
[article]: After Hours
[by]: Todd Caudle

Wednesday of last week, Kick Axe put good show at DJ's Nightclub.

The Canadian four-piece rock outfit put on a really hot show in every sense of the word, pumping up blistering rock 'n' roll and dripping sweat in the broiling atmosphere on and around the stage. Anyone attending the show hoping for heavy-metal thunder got what they paid for, both in performance and a song aptly titled "Heavy Metal Thunder."

Best performance of the night? Vocalist George Criston, who sang with range and volume, using his voice to growl as well as soothe.

This second time at DJ's was even better than the first. With a tour like this supporting their new album "Welcome to the Club," Kick Axe should be welcomed to far more than just small clubs.