[published]: 1986, April 11
[in]: Winnipeg Sun, p. F2
[article]: Entertainment News
[by]: Mitch Potter

Hard rock flagwavers Kick Axe are indeed alive and flailing despite rumors of their demise following a poorly attended Canadian tour.

But manager Garry Stratychuk reports the quintet is now a quartet, following the retirement of guitarist Raymond Harvey to the west coast.

"They're in California right now, doing warmup shows for Y&T," Strat explained before hopping a jet to join the band in action. "The album (the band's second, Welcome to the Club) isn't doing gangbuster business, but it sold as much as the first one. The plan is to begin recording for the third toward the end of summer."

Keeping the hard-rock faith, Strat is still predicting the return of the heavy stuff to radio and arenas everywhere.

"The heavyweights are coming out on tour this summer, so I think you'll see some changes very soon."