[published]: 1986, January 13
[in]: Calgary Herald, p. A6
[article]: Concert merited praise
[by]: Jon Sproule

I am thoroughly disgusted with the poor rating that Martin Morrow, a Calgary Herald staff writer, gave the Kick Axe concert Jan. 2. However, I agree with him that the opening act, White Wolf, greatly lacks musical talent.

I think Kick Axe put on a superb performance at the Jubilee Auditorium. George Criston, lead singer, has an excellent voice and did not produce "undistinguished screaming," as Morrow puts it.

As for comparing Criston's appearance to Robert Plant, this is most certainly unfair, I think Morrow should concentrate more on the music, rather than on a group's appearance. If he wants to criticize anyone for appearance, he should concentrate on Boy George.

Morrow said that the guitar and drum solos werevery "standard." In contrast, out of all the numerous concerts I have attended, both heavy metal and pop, I think the drum solo by Brian Gillstrom was one of the best I have ever witnessed. I think Kick Axe's new song "Too Loud...Too Old," was written especially for people like Morrow.