[published]: 1986, January 8
[in]: Winnipeg Free Press, p. 18
[article]: Kick Axe considers Winnipeg home base

There's no place like home - in this case Winnipeg - for the members of Kick Axe who consider this city their home base.

"It's going to be great to play for all the obsessed rock'n'roll people in Winnipeg again," said 26-years-old Kick Axe drummer Brian Gillstrom during a telephone interview from Regina where he is visiting his parents.

Even though no local radio station caters to the heavy metal market and few beverage rooms feature heavy metal acts, Gillstrom feels the demand for his type of music is very much alive.

"I find Winnipeg isn't a trendy city. It wasn't your basic fool that jumped on the disco wagon like other cities did. Winnipeggers know what they want and they stick to their guns."

Kick Axe's aural assault is led by the guitar work and vocals of Gillstrom's brother, Larry and Ray Harvey. Bass guitarist and vocalist Victor Langen and lead vocalist George Criston fortify the team.

Although the band members did live in Vancouver for a while, Kick Axe omitted that city from its current tour. The musical tastes they found in Vancouver weren't in keeping with the Kick Axe's work-hard, party-hard message.

"Comparing Winnipeg to Vancouver is like comparing Hercules to Socrates the Strawman, or speed to Valium, or Jack Daniels to Trilight beer," Gillstrom said.

He said the band is really excited about the Jan. 15 concert which also features White Wolf.

"We got all new gear. We've got some really wild-looking guitars, really wild new drum set. Everything's really insane looking."

Included in the material will be works from its second album, Welcome to the Club.