[published]: 1985 November/December
[in]: Northern Metal, No. 12, p. 19
[article]: 'Welcome to the Club' album review
[by]: Evy Metal

KICK AXE - Welcome to the Club
Pasha (CBS) (Melodic/Heavy Metal)

Well KICK AXE fans, here's the new one by the fabulous five. A primo platter by Canada's ambassadors to melodic/heavy metal.

Okay, I'm gonna be frank with you, this album has shown George and the boys to be mellowing with age, but I still like it. Don't buy this one Garth, 'cuz you'll think it's wimp!

A little overproduced in parts with Spencer Proffer adding a little too many special effects (people running around on what sounds to be concrete floor. You can hear George's bare feet slapping on a hard surface. And your assorted bottles breaking.), and the bass tracks are drowned out by the guitars.

KICK AXE have incorporated alot more melody and balladish sounds on the new cuts. George's voice proves to be stronger and truer than ever. From a musician's standpoint, the album is the best. But from this reviewer's it lacks the raw power that KICK AXE possess in their live show. I tend to think that the "blame" for this falls solely on the head of one Spencer Proffer.

A great album, but guys, I'm still waiting for "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust". Don't let the music die!

BEST TRACKS: "Welcome to the Club", "Feels Good - Don't Stop", "Too Loud - Too Old", "Feel the Power".

4 out of 5