[published]: 1985, December
[in]: Music Express, No. 97, p. 59
[PRESS-SUB]: 'Welcome to the Club' album review
[by]: Keith Sharp

Call Kick Axe a heavy metal band if you will; there are signs on this album that they could mature into a Canuck Deep Purple and will be filling hockey arenas long after the detractors of hard rock have laid down their placards. Kick Axe can rock with the best of them, but this time out there's more of an attempt to add some subtle touches to their arsenal.

George Criston can actually sing and the group's dual guitar attack packs more than a touch of melody into their arrangements. The big winner is their cover of the Beatles' With A Little Help From My Friends, which features some great vocals from Criston plus a little help from the likes of Lee Aaron, Rik Emmett and Alfie Zappacosta - Kick Axe with a CHR hit!

Good god! (Ozzy will be doing country & western numbers next).Throw in a couple of great rockers like Feel the Power, Hellraisers and Feels Good - Don't Stop, and you've got one helluva hot record.

Rating: 4