[published]: 1985, November 27
[in]: Michigan Journal, Vol. XV, No. 14, p. 8
[article]: Kick Axe drummer full of agression

Kick Axe drummer, Brian Gillstrom, often compared physically to the Chicago Bears' William "Refrigerator" Perry, is earning his reputation for tearing through walls rather than an offensive line. Brian has probably done more damage to hotels and restaurants than any other rock'n'roller, the amount during his career is easily into six figures.

While staying at an old rundown mansion in Canada, Brian decided it was a "hellhole," went down into the basement which was divided into six bedrooms, and demolished that entire level including all the walls. He claims he always has a good reason for becoming destructive ("It can be dad accomodations or just a boring party.").

"The crazy thing about what Brian does," says his brother, Kick Axe guitarist, Larry Gillstrom, "is that he usually fixes what he breaks. "He'll go down to the local hardware store and buy whatever he needs and spends hours patching hotel room wall, fixing the leg of a table or, one time, even retiling a bathroom. He does liven up parties though." Kick Axe's forthcoming album is Welcome to the Club.