[published]: 1985, June 6
[in]: Winnipeg Free Press, p. 42
[article]: Two out-of-town groups share Rock Exchange Battle of Bands glory
[by]: Frain Cory

Local agent and man-about-town Dave Perrick is making a serious bid to compete on the booking circuit. As a full-fledged agency, Dave Perrick and Associates' first order of business will be to set up local and regional dates for Kick Axe, as well as Lillian X - a heavy metal act based in Milwaukee.

Not coincidentally, Kick Axe lead vocalist George Criston came to the band from Wisconsin's largest city and has played with members of Lillian X. Winnipeggers can expect to see Kick Axe in the near future - upon completion of their recording, the followup to the band's first Pasha album, Vices.