[published]: 1985, April 18
[in]: Winnipeg Free Press, p. 40
[article]: Kick Axe Sounds Ready for Sequel
[by]: Frain Cory

Last seen in Winnipeg opening for the late, not-at-all-great Quiet Riot at the Arena last November, Kick Axe has returned to reacquaint itself with one of its most faithful followings.

This week's engagement at the Rock Exchange is reported to be the band's only Winnipeg appearance before it begins making its way back to Pasha Records producer Spencer Proffer's Los Angeles studios to begin pre-production on the follow-up to Vices, Kick Axe's first album.

Work on the new record is expected to begin in just five weeks, and Kick Axe looked and sounded ready for such an undertaking as it filled the Rock Exchange room to capacity earlier in the week. Sure to appear on the new album are such nasty and noisy bits as The Dark Crusade, If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old (a popular and marketable hard-rocking catch-phrase) and a song (Make Your Move) that sounds as if it could very well become as big a hit as a Judas Priest song Kick Axe copied to near perfection not long ago, You Got Another Thing Coming.