[published]: 1985, April 12
[in]: Winnipeg Free Press, p. 40
[article]: Polish Like Kick Axe

It appears that the Prairie heavy metallers band, Kick Axe, is making some noise on the Polish record polls. The band's manager, Garry Stratychuk, received a letter the other day from the music director at Radio Warsaw requesting some information on the Regina-based crew.

According to the note, Kick Axe's Dreaming About You was No. 2 on the radio station's Metal Top 20 with its Heavy Metal Shuffle kicking in at the No. 16 position.

As well, Dreaming About You hit the No. 5 spot on a radio station in Lyon, France, said Stratychuk.

Kick Axe, always crowd-favorites in Winnipeg, begin a week-long gig at the Rock Exchange Monday.