[published]: 1985, April 12
[in]: Milwaukee Sentinel, p. 13
[article]: Pop, Heavy Metal in Fresh Packages
[by]: Michael Pflughoeft

Question - Kick Axe has become a favorite in Milwaukee because: A) They played here umpteen times here last year. B) Their lead singer is from Milwaukee. C) Their first album, "Vices" was the top-selling heavy metal album in the city for months. D) Their live performances definitely "kick-axe". E) All of the above.

Answer - "E," easily

This Canadian heavy metal quintet made a name for themselves in 1984 with a relentless tour that saw them headline snall venues across the country as well as open for such heavyweights as Judas Priest.

A popular act in Vancouver, Kick Axe tried unsuccessfully for several years to get a recording contract. That was, until they enlisted Milwaukeean George Criston Widule (now just Criston), former lead singer for Milwaukee's Tripper, in 1983. Fronted by the volatile Criston, Kick Axe soon attracted enough attention to land a deal with Pasha.

Their first effort, "Vices", unrelenting from the bloodcurdling scream that opens side one, features the rock radio hits "Heavy Metal Shuffle" and "Dreamin' About You." Supported by their intense live show, "Vices" did well. Kick Axe will record their next LP in June.