[published]: 1985 February 28
[in]: Northern Metal, No. 9, p. 9, 17
[article]: What's New

Congratulations to KICK AXE on their first gold album in Canada! Now everybody get your friends, run down to your local record store, pick up a copy of "Vices" and give KICK AXE a platinum album!

Other news on the KICK AXE front is two of their songs are being recorded by KING KOBRA, Carmine Appice's new band.

The single "Hunger" is one of these songs and will be released along with a video. In March the band are heading down to L.A. to work on their second album and the scheduled release is June.

KING KOBRA - Hunger (12" Single) Capitol Records

KING KOBRA is the new band from ex-Rod Stewart drummer CARMINE APPICE. The song Hunger was created by Kick Axe, Northern Metal's regulars.

The song is wery good, well written (of course) and the production is really good...tight and clean. From what this track portrays, KING KOBRA is a band to watch for in the future.

The vocals are very clean and the musicianship is better than average. Now I can't wait until I can hear the rest of the album.