[published]: 1984, December
[in]: Metallion, Vol. 1, No. 3, p. 11, 28
[article]: Powerlines: Walkin' the Razor's Edge
[by]: Tarin Elbert/Lenny Stoute

Let's have a toast to Kick Axe for a fine year's touring. But don't raise any glasses or bottles - styrofoam cups only. Here's why: Scene one - Singer George loses his balance onstage and to keep from falling into the drum riser, sits down abruptly. Onto a beer glass which crunches into his ass.

As he's picking bits out of his bum, a record company flack runs up with a chair for him to sit on. Scene two - Down at the burger joint, bassist Victor chomps down on his whopper and his teeth slide on something hard'n'sharp. Yep, nice hunk of glass, easy on the relish.

Luckily, the tiny one escaped injury. Two days later, drummer Brian isn't so fortunate. Horsing around with the band's manager, they fall through a coffee table made of, uhhuh, glass. And it takes a few stitches for Brian to walk again...

Kick Axe 'Vices' album at the position 25