[published]: 1984, December 15
[in]: RPM, Vol. 41, No. 15, p. 10
[article]: Kick Axe's Criston gets it in the end

Kick Axe lead singer George Criston experienced the true meaning of a "pain the butt", when on Nov. 23, in front of a standing room only crowd at Tony's East (Toronto), he sat down on the drum riser and a large glass of water. The glass shattered, ripping a large gash in Criston's thigh. He was able to finish the song and exited the stage with blood pouring from the wound.

He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent plastic surgery. The crowd, obviously waiting for an explanation, was promised that Kick Axe would retutn to Tony's on Monday night (Nov. 26) for a free show.It should be mentioned that the Kick Axe set was being taped for a live broadcast.

Meanwhile, Apple Viper, the opening act, and the remaining members of Kick Axe, finished the evening, "Jamming Kick Axe tunes and old favorite cover songs," reports Peter Budge of CBS, "that seemed to keep the fans on the feet and satisfied."

Budge caps his report with "George (Criston) was last seen standing on the tour bus Saturday, on the way to his next gig in the U.S. By returning for the free show, George proves he can turn the other cheek and the show must go on."