[published]: 1984, December 1
[in]: Billboard, Vol. 96, No. 46, p. 37
[article]: Boxscore

The following are among the top concert grosses nationwide reported through the survey week. Included are act(s), gross, attendance, capacity of facility, ticket prices, promoter, facility, city, number of shows, number of sellouts and date(s).

Among the top concert grosses through July 17.

Artist(s): QUIET RIOT/WHITESNAKE/KICK AXE, Venue: Winnipeg (Manitoba) Arena, Date(s): Nov. 7, Gross/Ticket Price: USD 86,574 (CND 108,218), USD 12.73, Attendance/Capacity: 8,070 (12,000), Promoter: Concert Prods. International/Donald K. Donald/International Concerts