[published]: 1984, November
[in]: Hit Parader, No. 242, p. 29
[article]: Shooting Stars (Kick Axe, Hanoi Rocks, Pretty Rough, Anthrax)
[by]: Charley Crespo

Kick Axe began performing in 1976 at rowdy street parties in the Canadian city of Regina, Saskatchewan. "There was real pressure to join a gang," says the group's bassist, Victor Langen, "but if you were in a rock and roll band, you were instantly accepted, so we wound up performing at the gang's parties."

Kick Axe toured Northern Canada's clubs, juggling original songs with cover tunes. Then they settled in Vancouver and became the most succesful unsigned act in the province of British Columbia. At a time when many new metal groups are copying a basic fast-and-heavy format, Kick Axe has gone further in search of inspiration.

While maintaining the metal spirit, Kick Axe's approach is closer to Kansas than Iron Maiden. The group's debut album, Vices, was released earlier this year.