[published]: 1984, October 18
[in]: Harbinger, p. 9
[article]: Y&T and Kick Axe's metal attack
[by]: Scott Triplett

On the brighter side of today's metal scene comes a talented Canadian quintet called Kick Axe.

Don't let the name fool you, these guys aren't your everyday leather-and-studs Devil worshipppers. Not only is this one of the best metal debuts of the year, it has to be one of the best in a log time.

I can honestly say there isn't one bum cut on this album.

From the opening scream on "Heavy Metal Shuffle", to the closing harmonies on "Just Passin' Through", lead singer George Criston leaves no stone unturned. Whether he's growling like a beast on "Meaneater" or imitating a siren on "Cause for Alarm", the guy knows how to handle the role of frontman beautifully by being almost everywhere at once.

The twin guitar attack of Larry Gillstrom and Ray Harvey is also another strong point on this album.

They prove their versatility through every song on the disc.

Listen to the sensitive playing on "Dreaming About You" (probably the best cut on the album), and then the faster-than-lightning soloing on "Cause For Alarm".

The whole album is classic hard-rock at its best.

These guys obviously were not afraid to take some chances and that is something a lot of other metal bands can't say.