[published]: 1984, October 14
[in]: Los Angeles Times, p. 67
[by]: Robert Hillburn

Kick Axe's Vices (Pasha Records)-64.

Scoring-Sassy, irreverent name (8 points), but only mildly provocative album title (5). The album cover-a surreal vision of a man's head in the form of a vise-is dangerously close to being too "arty" for this genre, but clever enough to generate attention (18).

The song titles-"Heavy Metal Shuffle," "Maneater," "Alive & Kickin'"-are on the tame side (9), but the two guitarists crank it out and there's more of a sense of melody than with most heavy-metal groups (19).

Intangible: They're from the town that's produced Van Halen, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Ratt (5).