[published]: 1984, August
[in]: Music Express, Vol. 8, No. 82, p. 6, 12
[article]: Alive and Kicking; Labatt's Goes Live; Kicking Axe
[by]: Jeff Lee

Kick Axe are continuing to hack their way across North America as support band on the Judas Priest tour and the hard work is paying off. Their debut album, Vices, is still rising on the U.S. Billboard charts.

"They're getting exposed to an awful lot of people, they're doing plenty of press and TV and they'll shoot a video soon," reports a management spokesman out of Winnipeg.

From the Judas Priest tour, Kick Axe jump in with other metal heavyweights The Scorpions on eastern Canadian dates, including the Heavy Metal Hurricane extravaganza at Toronto's CNE on August 17.

The original Scorpions/Dio date for August 17 was replaced by the Heavy Metal Hurricane bill; The Scorpions, Quiet Riot and Canadian metal contenders Helix and Kick Axe.

Achieving massive success in quite a different musical idiom is Saskatchewan's own heavy metal champions Kick Axe. The band recently mesmerized Saskatoon metal fans in a spring appearance in a local club. Now they have a new album out, Vices, that's selling like hotcakes in record stores across Canada.

Then, while performing at a bar in Calgary for a simulcast broadcast on CKIK-FM, the group was stunned by the appearance of several members of British metal monstergroup Def Leppard, who promptly asked the Prairie headbangers to join them as the opening act for their American tour dates.

Seems the Leppards were in Calgary for a concert of their own, and had been impressed by the Kick Axe simulcast performance.

Corrigendum: Jeff made an honest mistake - it was not Def Leppard but Judas Priest.

Kick Axe have charted at 176 this week in Billboard and yes, there is a bullet.

Kick Axe album 'Vices' at the position 42