[published]: 1984, August 4, Saturday
[in]: Bismarck Tribune, Vol. 111, No. 214, p. C2
[article]: Ear-blasting 'Priest' plays to half house
[by]: Mike Mahlum

The British rock band Judas Priest rolled through Bismarck Friday night, bringing their brand of high energy, heavy metal rock and roll to an enthusiastic crowd at Bismarck's Civic Center.

Civic Center manager George Smith estimated the audience size as 3,500, and noted the promoters needed about 4,000 to break even on the show. "We aren't a heavy metal area," he said. "We bring them in and the kids don't support them."

Judas Priest was far from subtle, which was fine with the audience. Everyone there seemed satisfied.

Vancouver-based Kick Axe provided a tight 40-minute opening set. The quintet had a similar heavy sound, playing mostly original material off its new album, Vices, and featuring material with anthemic, chanting choruses, and soaring harmonies.

Police on hand for the show reported a relatively well-behaved audience.