[published]: 1984, July 27, Friday
[in]: Bismarck Tribune, Vol. 111, No. 206, p. 4
[article]: Bismarck fan ready for Judas Priest
[by]: Pat Norby

Scheduled to appear with Judas Priest, is Kick Axe, a heavy metal band out of Canada. They began their career playing gigs at rowdy streetgang parties in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, according to a press release. "The Vancouver-based quintet combines the hallmarks of classic metal - lunging rhythms, incendiary guitar work and throaty vocals - with elements that are uncommon to the genre," the release said.

Members of the group include George Cristonm lead vocals; Larry Gillstrom, lead guitar, vocals; Ray Harvey, lead guitar, vocals; Brian Gillstrom, drums, vocals; and Victor Langen, bass, vocals.

"Vices," Kick Axe's debut album for the CBS-distributed Pasha Records, is "an album of hard rock that could be intimately experienced by the listener," Larry Gillstrom said in the press release.