[published]: 1984, July 22
[in]: Pittsburgh Press, p. J6
[article]: 'Vices' album review
[by]: Pete Bishop

Heavy netal with a difference is what Kick Axe plays on its "Vices" (Pasha BFZ 39297). The difference is musical touches: chord choices and changes, the five-part vocal harmony, the lower-toned voice in the harmonic mix.

Not that Kick Axe can't kick whatever. Vancouver-based quintet has plenty of power and singer George Crioston doesn't sound unlike Robert Plant, but too many tempos are too slow. The songs don't really turn you on.

Two that do are "Cause for Alarm," featuring the LP's wildest guitar interplay between Ray Harvey and Larry Gillstrom, and "All the Right Moves," which is aimed at young men but can rev up the old fogies (who shall remain nameless) as well.

"Heavy Metal Shuffle," "Maneater" (ignore the weird noises in the middle), "Alive and Kickin'" (good choruses but to slow a tempo) and "Just Passin' Through" are a step or two behind. Kick Axe has promise.

P.S. A special note of praise to Dario Campanille for his surrealistic, visually punning cover painting.