[published]: 1984, June 16
[in]: Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, p. F12
[article]: Kick Axe signs record contract
[by]: Terry Craig

The latest grab for the heavy metal brass ring comes from a group, of all places, from Regina.

Kick Axe has signed a lucrative contract with Pasha Records best known for breaking Quiet Riot on an unsuspecting world.

Led by Reginans Larry and Brian Gillstrom and Victor Langen, the five-member band has been making waves on the international music scene.

And with the release of Vices the "metallians" are making a big stab at cracking the metal marketplace.

Kick Axe rolled through town about a month ago with a stop at the A-Four.

Their sound is best suited for arena play and under the guidance of Pasha president Spencer Proffer that's where they'll be this summer when they are first on the bill for metal monsters Judas Priest.

Proffer transformed the workmanlike Quiet Riot into a top billing arena band and should have no trouble pulling off the same with Kick Axe.

In addition to the album the group is the perhaps the only highlight on an otherwise lifeless Up the Creek soundtrack.

The album can best be described as a cross between Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd with all the production values of those supergroups.