[published]: 1984, May
[in]: Metal Forces, No. 4, p. 23
[article]: 'Vices' album review
[by]: Dave Constable

We could be talking top five here, when it comes to summing up 1984's metal releases. This is a stunning debut by Canadian band Kick Axe, who play some of the most infectious pop-metal I've ever heard. Dwarfing amateurs like Quiet Riot and Ratt in this field, Kick Axe are making a strong bid to storm the US LP charts with their Anthemic Rock.

Literally every song on "Vices" is memorable. From "Heavy Metal Shuffle" the ultimate cliches herein, through the title track, the blues metal (hear George Criston vocals to see what I mean) of "Stay on Top" and side one's closers - the slower "Dreamin' About YOu" and the mega "Maneater" (this must be a single for sure), the band stamp their mark of class on HM world.

Side two opens as side one closed - in style with "On the Road to Rock" another ideal choice for a single whilst the remainder of the LP is in the same classic vein, the last track "Just Passin' Through" being most memorable straight out of the Motley Crue songbook.

So, a stunning debut and along with TT Quick, Kick Axe become my tip for 1984.