[published]: 1984, May 23
[in]: Brandon Sun, p. 17
[article]: For the Record
[by]: Kevin Bell

Various Artists - Up the Creek (Pasha) - Up the Creek sounds like a pretty mindless movie. A press release which accompanies this soundtrack says the movie is "full of coeds, preppies, parties, rubber raft races, hi-jinks, chases, explosions and more parties."

It's sort of a youth oriented, Animal House-on-a-raft kind of film, and we need music that's young, hip and contemporary."

If the movie is as bad as it sounds, the music just may be the best thing about Up the Creek. Most of it is fairly heavy and the producers have coaxed some strong performances out of Cheap Trick, Heart, Ian Hunter, Danny Spanos, Kick Axe, Shootimg Star and The Beach Boys.

The use of Danny Spanos is especially praisworthy and it may get him some well-deserved recognition. He gets my vote as one of most over-looked rock songers today.

Rating: B+