[published]: 1984, March 16
[in]: Winnipeg Free Press, p. 15
[article]: Recording action brisk

Star Kommand Productions/Pressure Records magnate Gary Stratychuk has some new action on three fronts. Local singer and Midway Chrysler chanteuse Francine Kirsch is expected to enter the studio later this spring with the six-piece Calgary band Early Warning, which Stratychuk says features an amazing guitarist named J. P. Cervoni - born in Rome but classically trained (on piano) in Toronto.

Regina's Kick Axe has just finished recording its first CBS album, Vices, which should be on the racks late next month. The band also contributes one song to the soundtrack for Up The Creek, which also features such luminaries as Heart and The Beach Boys, and has written eight songs for Black Sabbath, which is expected to use some of them for its next LP.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited album by George McCrae, the Rock Your Baby star who settled in Winnipeg, is already out in Europe, with a U.S. release set for May on A&M, with a Canadian release to follow. All but one of the songs were recorded in Winnipeg, with an all-local musical cast.