[published]: 1983, June 14
[in]: Regina Leader-Post, p. B7
[article]: Regina band prepares for its debut album

Regina heavy-metal band Kick Axe is going into the studio this summer to record its debut album, which it expects will be released early October.

The band has been togehter for eight years. All members are from Regina, with the exception of the newest member, lead singer George Criston, who's from Milwaukee. When Criston joined the band less than a year ago, things started to fall into place, drummer Brian Gillstrom said.

"The combination we've got right now just seems to fit right into place. Everything seems to be going well so we decided to do the album now," Gillstrom said.

Other members of Kick Axe are Larry Gillstrom (lead guitar), Ray Harvey (also lead guitar), and Victor Langen (bass guitar).

The band, with new manager Gary Stratychuk (who also manages Streetheart and managed the now defunct Queen City Kids) completed the record deal with Pressure Records in Winnipeg Friday. They are hoping CBS will distribute the album in the U.S. and Capitol Records in Canada.

The album will likely be recorded at Metalworks studio in Toronto, Gillstrom said.

The band has toured the Western Canada club circuit extensively. It played on Playboy's Streetrock album and Vancouver Seeds.

Kick Axe played in Hanbidge Hall Friday night and will be in Saskatoon for two weeks before returning for a threenight stint at the Paddock at the end of June.