[published]: 1982, August 23
[in]: Coast News, p. 6
[article]: Top Rock Group Comes to Elphie's

The Canadian rock group, Face to Face, performing at Elphies in Lower Gibsons this week has recently been judged one of the five top rock bands in Canada, according to group manager Phil Watkins.

Don and Larry Thompson, formerly of Wiggie Symphony in Winnipeg, and Gary Langen, formerly of Kick Axe make up the three-man band. The, and four other Canadian groups were judged the best in Canada by A and M Records, C-FUN and the Canadian Independent Record Producers Association.

All five groups will collaborate on a record scheduled to be produced by A and M Records. They will be featured on a trans-Canada rock special to be aired Saturday, August 28 on C-FUN.

Face to Face will be at Elphies, Tuesday through Saturday, August 24-28.