[published]: 1982, June 7
[in]: Coast News, p. 6
[article]: Who's Coming

Don Thompson began his musical career singing and playing lead guitar with the Shandells, then with his brother Larry started a group called the Wiggie Symphony. The Wiggies appeared on several national TV shows and in live concerts with Little Richard, Lou Lou and The Yard Byrds. On record they backed Buddy Knox, Barry Greenfield and Allan Moberg.

In the fall of 1980 Gary Langen joined Don & Larry to form Face to Face, Gary had conceived of & created the well-known club attraction - Kick Axe, playing drums and singing all lead vocals. The group became one of Western Canada's top drawing, highest paid, non-recording club attractions.

Now based on the West Coast, Face to Face, is currently completing an album after the positive feedback from local radio stations on their yet unreleased single "Don't Look Back".