[published]: 1978, February 24
[in]: Red Deer Advocate, p. 13
[article]: High-energy band playing at Park
[by]: J. Norman Bower

Disco lovers steer clear of the Park Hotel this weekend.

Kick Axe, a group of high-energy, high-decibel rock and rollers, is making nasty noises in your general direction.

The Regina-based band uses a light show, shooting flames, smoke bombs, driving rock and a song denouncing disco music to incite the bar crowd to riot against the influences of your favorite music.

Excitement is Kick Axe's goal. The band encourages stomping and shouting in the crowd and is not satisfied with a performance unless they have created a state of near mayhem.

They claim to be a band "for all those people who forgotten how to rock and roll". And they offer a crash course on the basics of hard rock performing songs by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nazareth, Steve Miller, Aerosmith and Little River Band, among others.

Kick Axe includes band leader Vic Langen, 22, on bass guitar; Gary Langen, 21, on drums and lead vocals; Larry Gillstrom, 22, on lead guitar; and Dave Zurowski, 23, also on lead guitar.

The band has been playing together for a year and a half and offer an excellent show.

Their tight performance is dominated by wailing guitars and is paced by Gary Langen's pounding drums and versatile vocals.

Light man Dean Zurowski controls the group's elaborate light show; spectacular by bar standards.

The band's driving music also features unusual echo effects and electronically distorted vocals directed by sound technician Roger Burnet.

The group is working hard for recognition and use several of their own songs in the show.

With USD 40,000 tied up in their equipment, band leader Langen says they make just enough to cover expenses and "pay for phone calls to the girls back home".

The band prefers the tag "high-energy" rather than "heavy-metal" to describe their music and they strive to offer change-of-pace songs like the Eagles' Hotel California with their performance.

Red Deer is one stop on an Alberta tour for the group. The band just finished an appearance at the Majestic Hotel in Calgary and are scheduled to visit Medicine Hat following their Park Hotel booking.

The group has scheduled a British Columbia tour for this summer and plan a Toronto swing this fall.

Kick Axe is very good hard rock bar band. If you like metallic rock, loud music and wild parties; you might try the Park Hotel this weekend.

Kick Axe will be performing each night at 8:30 PM until Saturday with a Saturday afternoon performance.