Welcome to the Official Fan Site (since 01/12/2002) of the Canadian rock group Kick Axe (thanks to the kind permission of the members of the group). Main purpose of the site is to cumulate information about this group and made it public. If you have any information that I miss here and you are willing to contribute to this site, please, feel free to send it to my e-mail. I will use your material exclusively to replenish this site and make it available to all the internet users.

Vlado (Czech Republic, Europe)

Last Update: 7th April 2024

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Created using the sources of: Canconrox (Dan Brisebois), The Canadian Music Encyclopedia (Jaimie & Sharon Vernon), The Immaculate Deception (Sherman Ross), The Transformers Un-official Fan Site, Bryan Reesman, Garry Sharpe-Young, Tim Lawson Official Website and the Official Kick Axe Website.

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