[venue]: Civic Centre, 808 Civic Plaza
[city/province]: Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
[date/time]: 1986 June 21, Saturday

The popular rock group, Kick Axe, will perform in the Civic Centre June 21.

The Canadian quintet has steadily grown in popularity and has performed here previously.

Brian Gillstrom, drummer for the group, recently said Kick Axe has expanded its musical repertoire and their latest album, Welcome to the Club, reveals that change.

The group's second album takes a chance with "lots of rowdiness" as compared with the basic straight-forward music of Vices, the first album, according to Gillstrom.

The six-year-old group is comprised of: manager Gary Stratychuk of Winnipeg, Gillstrom on drums and vocals, his brother Larry on lead guitar and vocals, Raymond Arthur Harvey also on lead guitar and vocals, Victor Langen on bass and vocals and George Criston, lead vocalist.

After Vices was released, the group went on an extensive tour of the U.S., performing in more than 100 cities, acting as the opening act for some of the big name bands (Quiet Riot, Helix, Scorpions, Judas Priest) which helped boost album sales to "gold" status (50,000) in Canada as well as gathering a fair share of the U.S. record sales.