[venue]: Nag's Head North Club, 7270 Woodbine Avenue North
[city/province]: Markham, Ontario, Canada
[date/time]: 1986 February 22, Saturday
[tour]: Welcome to the Club
[support act]:

Toned-down heavy metal at the Nag's Head North
Toronto Star 18 February 1986, p. E16:

Heavy metal isn't dead; it's just toned down a little.

Heavy metal was king of the rock hill for a while, but that form of high-energy rock has been in drastic decline during the past few months.

Very few bars book heavy-metal acts these days and those that do make sure the band isn't 100-per-cent pure heavy metal.

As an example, this Saturday night at Nag's Head North, Kick Axe comes in for a night of rock.

Despite its very heavy sound, the group is not about to blow out anyone's eardrums, although members do like their music loud. But it is a good, hard-rocking band, loud and not excessively so.

The band is getting lots of attention in this area and comes across as a fine dance band. And you don't have to love heavy metal to appreciate it.