[venue]: Outlaws, 1136 West Georgia Street
[city/province]: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
[date/time]: 1984 May 23, Wednesday
[tour]: Vices
[support act]:

Meanwhile, at Outlaws was the next Canadian offering to the U.S.: Kick Axe.

Before returning to the Prairies two years ago, Kick Axe was very popular on the Vancouver club circuit.

The band has reappeared to promote its debut LP, Vices, a collection of shopworn metal manoeuvring and idiotic howling by George Criston. Live, Kick Axe is a walking hardware store of leather, studs and 10-cent cliches, making it indistinguishable from the dozen metal bands whose LPs arrived in the mail last week.

Utterly laughable, Kick Axe likely will be very successful.