[artist]: various
[record]: Goi Music: Metals Volume 3


[1.] [3:37] Machine Men: Silver Dreams
(Antony Parviainen/Jarno Parantainen)
[2.] [3:33] Epica: Cry for the Moon
(Mark Jansen/Ad Sluijter/Simone Simons)
(Frozen Mind Music)
[3.] [6:27] Beforce: Outsider for the Nature
(Goi Music)
[4.] [5:13] Chris Caffery: Fade into the X
(Chris Caffery)
(Solid Rock/Neue Welt/Warner Chappell)
[5.] [6:13] Amoral: Atrocity Evolution
(Ben Varon/Silver Ots/Niko Kalliojarvi/Ville Sorvali)
(Pitch-Black Music Publishing Ltd.)
[6.] [5:16] Dragon Lord: Dragon Lord
(Goi Music)
[7.] [3:26] Ajattara: Pahan Tuoma
(Pasi Antero Koskinen)
(Pitch-Black Music Publishing Ltd.)
[8.] [3:02] Kick Axe: Rock 'n' Roll Dog
(Laurel Aura/Larry Gillstrom)
(Amber Interactive Inc.)
[9.] [3:41] Necronomicon: Stormbringer
(Volker Fredrich)
[10.] [3:54] Oliver/Dawson Saxon: Motorcycle Man
(Peter Byford/Steve Dawson/Paul Quinn/Pete Gill/Graham Oliver)
(Heath Levy Music Co. Ltd.)
[11.] [3:57] Chinchilla: The Almighty Power
(Roberto Palacios/Chris Schwinn/Udo Gerstenmeyer/Thomas Laasch)
(Edition Enorm/Warner Chappell Music)
[12.] [4:07] Raza De Odio: La Nueva Alarma
(BL Music)
[13.] [3:13] Tygers Of Pan Tang: Straight as a Die
(Robb Weir/Jess Cox/Richard Laws/Brian Dick)
(Dinsong/Virgin Music (Publishers))
[14.] [5:09] Avalanch: Juego Cruel
(Alberto Rionda)
(Alberto Rionda)
[15.] [4:23] Red Wine: Despierta
(Arise Records)
[16.] [4:58] Infernal Majesty: Pestilential Eternity
(Steve Terror)
(Black Lotus Records)


[released]: 2004, March
[total time]: 70:09


Year Country Label Cat # UPC/EAN Info
2004 Spain Goi Music Metals003